About us

We do the work, so you can focus on your job!

At LinkBridge, we believe there is a better way to do recruitment. We are a small team of young professionals who combine the passion for technology with the one for HR to create an experience that is more human.

We are much more than a staff placement and recruitment agency.

We are your advisors, partners, support and friends in the global marketplace for the available talents across the Tech industry.

What makes us different

We know our field

We share knowledge

We listen to your needs

We adapt to your requirements

We understand your goals

We advise you

We support you in any matter

We celebrate your success with you!

How we do it?

Most of us at LinkBridge have Computer Science degrees, and this helps us to understand our candidates and clients very well on a technical level.

What makes us successful is the Human Approach! We all have emotions and we appreciate each other’s contributions and abilities whether we are working with a client to fill a role or a candidate to find their dream job.

We are not here to claim “We are the best”, we are here to prove it!


Helping talented developers to tell their stories and smart companies to achieve continuous business growth.